The Acclaimed Yacht Rental Experience in Cabo San Lucas since 1998

Get a luxurious voyage or a budget-friendly adventure on Cabo San Lucas

Ready to pack your bags and sail into the sunset?

Welcome to Cabo Yacht Club, where we offer an unparalleled yachting experience in Cabo San Lucas. Whether you're seeking a luxurious voyage or a budget-friendly adventure, our tailored fleet of exquisite yachts and affordable boats cater to every taste and budget, ensuring an unforgettable journey on pristine turquoise Mexican waters.

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Celebrating 25 Years

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The Yacht & Boat Rental Experience for Every Budget

Discover the ultimate yacht and boat rental experience, tailored to fit any budget, offering luxury, adventure, and affordability in Cabo San Lucas.

With Cabo Yacht Club you get access to virtually every boat available for charter in Cabo San Lucas, México!

Welcome to the Cabo Yacht Club, the premier provider of luxury yacht charters, and fishing charters in Cabo San Lucas. We offer access to virtually every boat available for charter in Cabo, with the widest selection of vessels ranging from small day boats to luxury mega yachts.

Our services extend beyond boat rentals, as we also create personalized experiences tailored to your preferences. Our English-speaking crew is dedicated to providing exceptional service, catering to your unique needs for an unforgettable adventure. Whether you're seeking luxury or affordability, Cabo Yacht Club ensures a seamless journey on the water.

Cabo Yacht Club's unparalleled knowledge of Cabo San Lucas guarantees an unforgettable trip. We pride ourselves on having over 10,000 satisfied customers throughout our 25 years in the industry. Our expertise, combined with a diverse fleet and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, makes Cabo Yacht Club the go-to choice for charters in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

"Satisfied customers in 25 years"
Over 10,000
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Why Cabo Yacht Club is the Boat Charter Leader in Cabo San Lucas?

With 25 years of experience, we are the leading yacht rental provider in Los Cabos, delivering valuable advantages and exceptional experiences.

Safety First
We prioritize high safety standards, encompassing regular yacht maintenance and crew training, fostering confidence with our global clients while ensuring peace of mind throughout their journey.
English Speaking Crew
Clear communication enhances safety, coordination, and guest satisfaction. Choose our proficient crew, fluent in English, for effortless communication and a seamless yachting experience in Cabo San Lucas. Trust our expertise and sail confidently.
A World-Class Vacation
Our world-class service distinguishes itself through exceptional attention to detail, personalized experiences, top-tier amenities, and unmatched professionalism. With 25 years in luxury yacht charters, we guarantee unparalleled satisfaction and unforgettable memories.
The Most Diverse Fleet
With Cabo Yacht Club, you gain access to virtually every yacht in Cabo San Lucas, catering to various preferences and budgets, ensuring you find the perfect vessel for your unique adventure. Get a customized adventure on the pristine waters of Cabo
Simple Pricing
Offering clear, all-inclusive pricing structures eliminates any hidden fees or surprises, allowing our international clients to enjoy their yachting experience without financial concerns
Everything you need
We cover every facet of your yacht rental journey, from beginning to end. With Cabo Yacht Club, enjoy all-inclusive services such as Fishing Charters, Sunset Cruises, Whale Watching, + relaxing or partying experiences.

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We have satisfied thousands of customers around the world

“The quality of service provided was outstanding, leaving me highly impressed and eager to return. A fantastic experience!”

Leslie M
Leslie M | TripAdvisor

“The experienced staff provided exceptional guidance and insight, making our time with them unforgettable and worthwhile”

Jessica | TripAdvisor

“Their focus on service truly sets them apart, consistently prioritizing customer satisfaction and addressing every concern”

Anville | TripAdvisor

“Their English speaking crew made communication smooth and effortless, enhancing our overall experience with their expertise”

Sianne W
Sianne W | TripAdvisor

“The team's excellent attitude made all the difference; they were approachable, understanding, and always willing to help.”

Michael H
Michael H | TripAdvisor

“Impeccable attention given to our needs; we felt truly valued and cared for throughout our entire interaction”

Olivia W
Olivia W | TripAdvisor

“The staff's happy demeanor was contagious, brightening our day and making our experience even more enjoyable.”

Susan P
Susan P | TripAdvisor

“Professionalism shone through in every aspect, from their appearance to their problem-solving capabilities. Highly commendable”

James M
James M | TripAdvisor

“Their attention to detail was second to none, ensuring everything was flawless and far beyond expectations”

Benjamin P
Benjamin P | TripAdvisor

“Booking the service was a breeze, with user-friendly processes and prompt confirmations. What a relief!”

Sophia R
Sophia R | TripAdvisor

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